Italian Vegetable Flavour Booster (stock)



Like my Asian stock, this is a favourite in our house.  Add to pizza base sauce, add to spag bog, add to sauce mixes and stews, gosh we even add it to our frittata in our Italian dinner party class.




Italian Flavour booster (Vegetable stock)
Use this stock in any recipe that calls for TM Vegetable stock. These flavours enhance your dish with an Italian flavour base.
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  1. 1 full head of garlic peeled
  2. 1 onion approx. 180g
  3. bulb of fennel approx. 200g or celery if fennel isn’t available
  4. capsicum approx. 200g
  5. carrot approx. 200g
  6. Sundried tomatoes 300g
  7. 20mil of sunflower oil or oil from above
  8. 15g Oregano
  9. 10g thyme
  10. Big handful of basil
  11. 1 bay leaf
  12. Approx. 10 peppercorns
  13. Big handful of Parsley
  14. 150g rock salt
  1. 1. Add all ingredients up to and including the carrot and set for 6 seconds on speed 7.
  2. 2. Then add the ingredients up to and including the parsley and set for another 6 seconds on speed 7
  3. 3. Add the oil and salt and cook on Varoma temp for 20 mins, speed 2.
  4. 4. When it’s done cooking, put your MC in place. Upside down is best so it doesn’t get hot and burn your fingers and slowly turn the dial to 6 after a few seconds you can move up to speed 10.
  1. Note: If you find it’s a bit too dry to mix and there’s an airlock underneath preventing the blades to do their job, use your TM spatula to keep things moving but reduce the speed. You need to be careful it is quite hot it’s ok to let it cool down a bit first.
  2. Now you have about 1 litre of Italian flavour booster to use in any recipe that calls for deep red Italian flavours. I often make this in ½ batches because I usually have lots of flavour boosters on the go at the same time.
  3. Note: You can make all my flavour boosters without salt and freeze them in ice cube trays. They will last up to 3 months like this.
Adapted from From the EDC cook book
Adapted from From the EDC cook book
Bec's Table (Cooking School)




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