I don’t believe in Sales but!!!!!!!

My motto is  “Always offer your Best Price”.  Why wouldn’t you????

This stock is slowly dissapearing.  Thank goodness cause most of the new items have moved in to take its place.  Check out what is new on face book.

As you know (if you have been to my little shop)  I have been trying to keep items in stock that I use in my classes.  And so that you don’t feel you have to purchase overly expensive items, I have kept my markup as low as I can.   BUT, I am working on new classes at the moment and have to rationalise my stock, to make room for some very cool new items.

I have found a new supplier that can help with pattiserie and cake decorating type items and they are so reasonably priced, I’m still asking why?????  But just to my self,  Dont want them to think there cheap, gosh who knows what might happen.

So that I can fit these new lines in, I have reduced the price on some of my lines making them less than my cost.

After all, if you can’t go home and make the items I show you in class, whats the point!!!

Firstly, I have marked all masterclass stock 20% off.  This will remain till the stock has gone.  Does it all spatula’s are reduced not that I will stop stocking them but my supplier gave me a deal so once the specials are gone they will be back to normal price. I have lots of other stock reduced as well.

I am so excited about the new classes.  Thank you so much for all your suggestions etc.

After my French Dinner Party class, we started the ball rolling with the specials so get in quick before they all go.  As you know my cooking school is open on Mondays from 12 noon till 7pm but please facebook, email or call me if you would like to make an appointment any other time.


Most of my new lines will come in next month,  I cant wait to show you them.


Now their in I can tell you there are loads of Cake decorating items. Prices start and $3.50 I will be posting a new page to show you what I mean.  I will call it “cake decorating stock ”  why not do a search if your interested.

Love to hear from you!