Holiday for Bec

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note: As you know our cooking school shop is usually open Mondays 12noon till 7pm but we’ll be closed on Monday the 10th, 17th and 24th of March. 

If your booked into a class over this time, don’t worry, our teachers are still teaching and our kids are still home, it’s just me and hubby that are the lucky ones.  heheheee.

If you need anything before I go, call me and we’ll make a time. 

While I’m away I’ll only be taking emergency phone calls, although, I’m sure I’ll have time to check emails if ya miss me. 

And no, it’s not an emergency if your sponge has flopped. You can always freeze it, crumb it and turn it into rum balls when the need arises. ahahahaaa

 See you when I’m back, I know I’ll miss cooking with you all. 😉

Love to hear from you!