Farmer Joe

Farmer Joe and his spuds
This cake was fun to do but a challenge at the same time.  I didn’t want to make it too childlike as it was for a 75year old man.  Joe was a potato farmer that added carrots to his repertoire occasionally.  Thank goodness a cake covered in just potatoes would have been a bit of a bore.  Heheheee.  When asked what sort of hat did he wear the answer came back as “you know the old hankie trick? Although he just use to knot it at two ends instead of four corners.”  I suppose if you didn’t know about the hankie his hat would look a bit silly but I hope this has depicted it well enough for those in the know.
I made the cake in white fondant and airbrushed it in two different colour greens and used a feathering technique around the sides to make it look like grass.

Author: Bec


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