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Firstly here’s something for free.  I’ve developed this Conversion Chart for translating recipes that are in cups, tablespoons etc., to grams.  I’ve got this handy tool on my phone, iPad and in print on the notice board down at the cooking school.  Go For it, download it, did I say it was free!

FREE - Bake Club Conversion chart (Bec's Table) Rebecca McLeod

  • This is the conversion chart we go to when converting Tablespoons, teaspoons and cups into grams. It's our go to list when we don't have time to measure as we go.  If  you cant find what your looking for, think of something that's similar. Like honey for example, it weights the same as jam, maybe your looking for something with a similar consistency and weight to something on our list???  Have fun in the kitchen. Bec 😉  

These are the ebook recipe and tip books we currently have available.  They’ve been created from our popular Bake Club meetings.  They include recipes and tips, we hope you love them.

eBooks available

Bake Club Season 1 eBook Rebecca McLeod

  • This is our cook book from the very first season at Bec's Table Bake Club. It includes all the recipes and my tips and tricks to help you along the way.
  • 50 pages

Bake Club Christmas 2014 eBook

  • These are our “Bake Club” Christmas recipes from 2014.  I’ve added loads of pages, full of tips.

    If you love my classes because of the tips I share, you’re going to love these eBooks.  Learning from our eBooks will give you more confidence in the kitchen.  

  • 16/12/2015
  • 69 pages