Cornflake Cookies

Cornflake Cookies

Last weekend I made a batch of these delightful Cornflake Cookies.  You’ll get around 20 large cookies or a lot more if you make little ones.  Don’t forget if you make them small you can have 2 or 3 and not feel as guilty. hahaha. 

I think you all know by now my mum didn’t like to cook much and I did most of the cooking when I was old enough to hold a frypan.  My Nan was the cook in the family.  She was brilliant; I wish I had taken more notice.  I don’t ever remember her looking up a recipe; they were all in her head.  By the time I was ten she lived in another state, so it was just too far for weekend visits.  Nan never made these cookies that I can remember but mum would buy them from fete’s and the like as I was growing up.  They are pretty yummy.   

Bake Club testing

We’re going to have a play with them at Bake Club this term but I’ve got in and tested one of the recipes before we start.  I’ll post the best Cornflake cookies if this one doesn’t win after we’ve tested the rest.  Although they must be alright there were 21 in total. When they came out of the oven my grandson, and I had one each.  Then I left them for our guests to munch on while I went to work in the cooking school.  After class, I came back to see there were only 2 left.  WOW, they must have been good, 16 cookies eaten by 3 adults in one sitting.  Ahahahaa funny 


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