Tandoori Chicken (or Fish)

Tandoori Chicken without a Tandoori Oven.

I’ve been making Tandoori spice for a long time. It’s perfect for the summer BBQ season. It’s made an appearance at my open days along with my homemade sausages samples. 

With my Tandoori spice blend, this recipe couldn’t be easier.  Continue reading “Tandoori Chicken (or Fish)”

Penang curry with beef

I love this beef curry. The spice blend on its own has warm undertones, although I like to ramp up the heat by adding a few chillies I make all my spice blends mild, so you add as much chilli as you like.

This dish couldn’t be easier and will defiantly satisfy any cravings for Thai.

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Quick Lamb Madras

Lamb Madras is a British recipe.  If you ask for a Madras curry in India they may not know what you’re talking about, it was invented by restaurants in Britain.  The origin of Madras curry is said to originate from the south of India.  When the English merchants arrived there in 1640 (now Chennai).   This is my Quick Lamb Madras recipe for those that make or purchase my Madras spice blend. 

This is a mild spice blend but if you’d like a little more heat, just add some fresh chilli or cayenne pepper. Continue reading “Quick Lamb Madras”

Bec’s Southern Fried or Oven Baked Chicken (I like Southern Baked Chicken)

Kids and Adults alike love this Southern Baked Chicken recipe.  Another great quick and easy meal that everyone will eat.  As was taste tested at our Open Day 2016. It can be deep fried but why would you when most people can’t tell the difference when it’s baked.  Continue reading “Bec’s Southern Fried or Oven Baked Chicken (I like Southern Baked Chicken)”