Pan Release, What’s That?

I know it seems like such a pain when a recipe calls for preparing or lining your cake tin.  There are so many ways to do it.  Some methods are quite precise, although as you know if there’s a quick, easy way to do something I’m up for it. I often use Pan Release. Continue reading “Pan Release, What’s That?”

Special Price, Fondant decorating class.

Usually $120 but for my loyal followers $49.00.  That’s a $71 saving.

I did a livingsocial deal just recently and got to thinking, ‘how can I offer this deal to people I don’t know, when my most valued customers are the ones that follow me already’. Here’s the deal I did.  Read the bottom of this blog to see how you, my loyal followers can join in.

“You’re pretty sweet already, but never too sweet for this deal. Harness the power of sweetness, with a two-hour cupcake decorating class. For only $49 (usually $120), Pastry Chef, Rebecca McLeod at Bec’s Table will guide you through the basics of turning that bald, boring cupcake into something truly spectacular. Starting with the basics you’ll learn how to work with ready rolled fondant using a variety of techniques and a handful of tools, to create these gorgeous cupcake decorations. Your showpieces will be made on dummy bases that you get to take home as evidence of your skills, or for further practice. Classes run Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings, I’m sure you’ll learn quite a few tricks of the trade from Chef Bec.

So get on board and discover that there’s no such thing as too sweet! “

To get the special price, all you need to do is click on my classes page on this blog. Type the word ” livingsocial ” into the green promotion code box and the price will automatically adjust with a $71 saving. I provide everything as usual. Hope you get the chance to take advantage of it.

If there aren’t any dates that suit, let me know, maybe I can add some that do. You can email me on

Or, if you want to know more, click on the button below.

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Loads of new stock.

Just check over these photos, then tell me there is nothing there that inspires you to get into your kitchen!

As most of you know my prices are great.  All I want to do, is provide the tools to get you back into your kitchens, and have fun while your there.

Rudolf Gingerbread by hand or the Thermomix way

This little Rudolf is so cute and so easy to make.

This is one of the cutters I have in my little shop.  Professional looking, with so little effort,  I just had to get him and at only $4 I reckon he’s a bargain.

I have used my now famous gingerbread recipe that you can find ”here”.

I say Rudolf’s easy cause just a little decoration goes a long way.

Here’s what you need.

One or a 1/2 quantity of my gingerbread dough, a rolling-pin, the cutter, some white fondant, red fondant and either a black edible marker or a little black fondant.  Oh if you don’t want to buy or make red fondant use a red smartie and for the little black dots why not nonpareil’s I have some just in black if you can’t find them.  But you can track them down at most cake decorating stores.

Here’s what I do.

Make the gingerbread recipe.  (really, it is best to store it in the fridge overnight before you use it)

Roll your gingerbread out using a non stick rolling pin if you can, or just use a little dusting of flour.

Cut the gingerbread out using the cutter.

Pop it on a baking tray and bake.

This gingerbread puffs up just a little when it’s cooked, so when they are completely cooled all you have to do is roll out your white fondant and cut the same shape out.

You can either use sugar glue to stick the fondant to the cookie or just a  little brush of water will do fine.

If using the red fondant roll a little oval or if you have an appropriate cutter you can use that. Stick it in place, with glue or water and draw or roll little black dots for eyes.  Gosh couldn’t get much easier.

On mine I have used edible glitter in red for the nose but that’s just me wanting to add a bit of sparkle.

What fun.  You can put them in little cello bags and hang them on your Christmas tree, Give them as gifts or use them as tags on gifts.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Cake Decorating stock and more

I am so excited to offer you these great new products.  I am trying to move away from items that you can get all over the place and focus on what we really use in classes.  I know its a shame, cause I love the tasting platters and the like but I can only fit so much in my little cooking school.

So, I have just recieved a new delivery of Callebaut.  Wont stop getting that.  Its what I use and now, I have some customers that pop in monthly to re stock.

I have a range of food colourings natural and non natural.  Airbrush colours too.  The prices start at $3.95 for airbrush and paste colours so there is great value there.

I have isomalt for those that have been to my “A little bit Chefie at home” class. this is so cheap $5 for 450g.  I couldnt get this at this price a couple of years ago.  It would have been around $15 for the same quantity.





A couple of weeks ago I was making a cake that needed some little stars.  I tried to make them by hand but they were looking a bit ordinary, so I decided to get in the car and go get a set of cutters.  Well they were made of metal, but they cost me over $20, these are plastic but only $3.50.  dam wish they had arrived sooner.

Little stars

I have adde below pictures of some of the other new items.  If you double click on them you should get a close up.

So exciting heheheeeee





Courtney’s 21st Birthday Bash.

Well these photo’s aren’t that great, but I hope you can see who these little characters are.  Of course it’s the photo’s not the expertise of the sugar artist.  Lol

I wasn’t as happy as I could be with some of these little people, but by the time I put them all together on the cake you could sum it all up.

Happy birthday Courtney.  I hope you had a terrific night.

Hunters Hoot Party

Well, we have been very busy around our place last week.  We cleaned and cooked, and then cooked some more.

Then it came to decorating, there was no time for cleaning.  Thank goodness I have 4 large stainless steal benches in the cooking school.  I think its going to take me a week to clean up.

But it was all worth it to have everyone fill their tummies and goodie bags with yummy treats.  Thankyou to all that came and made Hunter’s first birthday special.

x x x


School Holiday Fun at Bec’s Table

We have loads of fun in our kiddies cupcake class.  The class begins by learning how to make cupcakes from scratch.   We talk about the process of making the cake, and why each step is important when baking.  I show them all how to make square and heart-shaped cupcakes and what sort of things can be added to the batter for extra yumminess. At each stage, without them knowing it, I help teach them to be clean and organised.  You have to be sneaky sometimes hehehe  Really important for the kiddies to know this step, especially if they want to do a lot of baking.

Then its decorating time, 6 different designs, that I change from time to time.  I have loads of kiddies that want to come again and again.  This way they can learn something new.  Each design is made, step by step, so all the students have time to follow and create the same results.

I have hugs and thankyou’s  from loads of the kiddies which just makes my day. I’m always astonished at how well-behaved and intent on learning these kiddies are. I suppose it’s because they are kept busy for the entire class, and love to play with food.  hehehee

Want to find out when the next class is.  Click on the “book now” button and it will show you.

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Farmer Joe

Farmer Joe and his spuds
This cake was fun to do but a challenge at the same time.  I didn’t want to make it too childlike as it was for a 75year old man.  Joe was a potato farmer that added carrots to his repertoire occasionally.  Thank goodness a cake covered in just potatoes would have been a bit of a bore.  Heheheee.  When asked what sort of hat did he wear the answer came back as “you know the old hankie trick? Although he just use to knot it at two ends instead of four corners.”  I suppose if you didn’t know about the hankie his hat would look a bit silly but I hope this has depicted it well enough for those in the know.
I made the cake in white fondant and airbrushed it in two different colour greens and used a feathering technique around the sides to make it look like grass.

Cupcakes for Natalie

The quest to make 24 cupcakes, all different.  Using Philly cheese buttercream icing with pink and mint green decorations.  Lots of fun to make. I hope they liked them.
I made each decoration in advance so I had time on the day to put them all together.
I also froze the cupcakes over night so the Philly icing would stay in place.  Keeping them nice and cold till it was time for the kitchen tea party.
There were red velvet, tiramisu and green tea (matcha) flavoured cupcakes.