Cakes to use for decorating with fondant icing (ready to roll icing RTR)

People are often concerned about baking cakes from scratch and revert to packet mixes when baking cakes for decorating.   Want to put a personal touch to your cake decorating?  What to let people choose from a range of cakes that are free from additives and taste divine. I have a class that will teach you the what, how and why for’s of these type of cakes.  There are a few rules but its not hard to learn them.  With a fist full of recipes and knowledge, these concerns can easily be overcome.  My next class is coming up on Friday the 16th of September. Starts at 10am.  Class size is strictly limited so check out what’s available.

Whoopie Pies

 Well if you have never heard of the whoopie pie watch this space


they are going to take over from the cupcake.

They are incredibly moreish little morsels, that taste divine.   In my opinion they are better for taste than the cupcake because you don’t get a mouthful of just topping or just cake but a mouthful of both at the same time.  Even if you have a big mouth like me I struggle to wrap my lips around an icing topped cupcake and not look incredibly uncultured.  When you bite into one of these you won’t be disappointed with the calorie count or what you look like as you take a bite.  lol

 Check them out, these have been put together unglazed and their already looking so tempting

The finished product is just yelling “EAT ME”.  I have used my chocolate glaze recipe to give them a shiny coat and then sprinkled raspberry dust on top to give them a sour note.  They are filled with a salted peanut and Philly cream centre and the cake is similar to a chocolate mud but just a tiny bit lighter.   Of course you could make baby ones of these that way having 2  or even 3 would be ok by me heheheee
I am doing a class on these in October so check the calendar on

Chocolate lovers class

Different brands and types of chocolate to try
Baby chocolate tart
Large chocolate tart

This is the best chocolate tart I have tasted.  You know sometimes you eat something and think that wasnt worth the calories!  Well not this baby.

 I love these fun lollie pop ideas for dinner parties.  How cool to serve them with coffee.
Grown up chocolate lollie pops with popping candy and raspberry powder
these are chocolate/marshmallow dunkers setting up.

Chocolate sculpture
Another Chocolate sculpture
Ok Ok, we didnt do these in this class but I told the students I would put them up so they could see them.

Pasta Class 27th March 2012

Pasta class is lots of fun.  We were fully booked for this class, which just proves to me that people are wanting to get back in the kitchen.  I showed the students how easy and time efficient it can be to make pasta at home.

Lemon Pasta (River Cafe London)

This is one of my favorites.  Lemon, Pecorino Romano, basil and rocket.  So simple but totally yummy.  Of course I like it with lots of cheese, but you probably already worked that one out.

Pappardelle with (dried) forest mushrooms

Dried forest mushroom dish would be one of my husbands favorites.  I like it too, seeming most things are kept in the pantry and you can make it when you think there’s nothing in the house to eat.  Those little dried mushrooms are packed with flavour.



We made 5 different dishes, where did the fifth one go? lol
A bowl I saved for my hubby heheheee  Yes its the mushroom one.

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Ancient Grains Class

Bec’s Table.
 This class was conducted by the lovely Christine Taranto.     Check out our Web for the next class.

This photo shows just how many ingredients are focused on in this class.  A wide range of Ancient grains in their many forms, how to prepare and amazing recipes for you to take away.

Ayurvedic Oat, Cranberry and Almond Porridge topped with fresh grated apple.

Coconut Quinoa porridge with cranberries and sultanas served with a caramelised sugar syrup

Old Fashioned Oat Porridge made with Rolled Soaked Sprouted oats served with toasted pecans and agave nectar.

Sticky Ginger and Molasses Brownies

Walnut and Orange Spiced Breakfast Cake served with a drizzle of orange infused caramel.

Chickpea and Quinoa Salad with a Lemon and Tahini Dressing

Saffron infused, Spicy Indian Milled Topped with Toasted Cashews.  Serve as a side or as a meal on its own.

Curried Brown Rice with Homemade Italian Sausages (Sausages made by Neil Busacca and the Berwick Chapter) can be eaten as a side as photographed or used like risotto or a warm salad.

Warm Salad with Sprouted Pearl Barley and Herbs served with a Pomegranate Dressing.

Macaron Class

Macaron Class is one of my most popular.

It seems crazy that there are only four ingredients in these little morsels, but many find them hard to master.  Like any patisserie item, there are techniques you either have to learn or understand to get them right.  They’re easy, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, I can see how you might struggle.  The recipes that do list all the tips are so long people push them aside as being too hard.  You know they could be written in shorthand if you know the techniques.  In fact, you only need the ingredient list/quantities if you know the technique of making Macaron.

So, if you’ve had trouble with your macaroon making, or you want to use just four ingredients and not the many that are used in those packet mixes, this is the class for you. 

What will you learn?

In the class, I’ll share my recipes, tips and discuss the science behind making these yummy little treats, once you have the information they’re a breeze.  You get to use the same equipment you may have at home so you’ll find them easy to reproduce. You’ll get a handout and a box of macaron to share with your family and friends. 

What to bring to Macaron Class.

We keep the classroom as cool as possible for food safety reasons, so if you feel the cold, bring a cardie.  

Students are requested to wear flat, enclosed, shoes for comfort and safety when participating in any hands-on class. To ensure food safety procedures are followed, long hair should be tied back and all unnecessary jewellery removed. 

If you wear an apron, why not bring it along.  We organise everything else, including a box to take your macaron home in.


Here are some photos of mine and my student’s macaron 




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Choux Pastry Class


This class was so much fun.

We made choux balls, eclair’s, paris breast, swans, lots of fun learning how to pipe the shapes and the students did a fantastic job.  All my master tips were passed on and everyone went away feeling very confident that they could reproduce there choux buns at home.


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Our Amazing open day

Prior to this event I found myself wondering if I was taking the right path.  Moving my family to a new home so that I could follow my dream was scary to say the least.  Thoughts of “What if nobody comes” were constantly going through my mind.  I just want to say THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING TO THE OPEN DAY.  OMG what a turn out.  I am so sorry I had to stop the booking in process, it was all getting very difficult and I just wanted everyone to enjoy the food.  Some classes are already booked out, so take a look at the web site and see whats left.  Christine and I will be adding extra classes (of those popular ones) for the end of July and August so keep an eye on our site.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know when we’ve posted them. Here are some amazing shots of the day.
Robert Monteau


A big crowd gathered around to watch Rob make his amazing Paella.  This was served up to our eager guests around lunchtime.  Yummmm.

Check out the sweets.  Should have taken a Photo before they were starting to disappear.  But to be truthful we just didn’t think we were going to be this busy.

Some of the stock that will be available at cooking classes.  I don’t want to become a retail outlet but I am aware of how hard it is to choose good quality products for your kitchen.  Things that I think are great will be available.  Including some food items that are hard to get in our area.   We will also be keeping our prices very reasonable as this is not our core business.  We just want to teach people how to cook from scratch.  Healthy happy people.

The lovely Christine making Dips for our guests.
 This is one of my most amazing tasty cakes. Hazelnut and Almond with rum soaked sultanas
 Here’s a group of happy customers trying my duck “Pot Stickers”.

At one stage our car park overflowed into the ABC day care centre next door.  Wow we have about 1/4 of an acre for a front yard.  Who would have thought.

 Thermomix Presentation time.  We had 20, book in, I ordered 30 chairs and we still had people standing around the back and side.
I was so tired at this stage I don’t even remember doing this part of the day.  Oh my gosh.  They say “Adventure before Dementia”  I hope nobody noticed.

Example of a class we will be running

Bread Making Level 1

COST $120.

What you receive

Notes and recipes

Practical experience (and all the bread you make in class)

Additional ingredients to produce the recipe’s at home

Your choice of Bannerton to take home. (value $30 -$40)

1 SESSION 9:30am – 12:20pm

There’s nothing better than the smell and taste of warm bread, fresh from the oven. The aim of this class is to provide you with practical, hands on lessons where you will learn the basics, understanding ingredients, formulas, techniques, kneading, rolling and mixing. If you want complete control over what goes into your bread, this course will allow you to provide nutritious and healthy bread for you and your family, often at a much lower cost than commercially produced equivalents.

Each ingredient and step in the process of making bread serves a distinct purpose. Once you understand what role each ingredient performs and what is occurring in each step of the process you will feel liberated to experiment and create your own recipes.

List of preferred suppliers

This is a list of suppliers that I’ve used and am happy with their products.  I am not being paid for creating this list, it’s just my way of helping out the little man in Australia.  These are in no particular order.

Hindustan Imports Greens road Dandenong, flour, rice seeds, nuts, grains, dried fruits.  They have a lot of Aussie grown stuff as well as imported

Little Creek Beef   from Seville, Grass fed,  they have lamb too. Delivered to your door.

The Melbourne food ingredient Depot if your looking for something unusual where the kitchen meets chemistry

Raw materials they have a range of quality ingredients

Essential ingredient If you go take your credit card.  I just want want want

Leo’s Fine Foods.  Need I say more maybe take your hubbies credit card as well.  I am soo glad I don’t live close to here.

IHR Ian H. Royce. Geelong Butchers blocks and accessories.

Atuo Pot Systems Garden Smart garden systems for home and business

Flowerdale farm Micro greens Heaps of different types of micro greens to choose from.

Herbies spices in Sydney mail order is quick or a trip to Hindustan imports

Springvale for fish, fruit and veg (especially the Asian variety) oh and wok’s etc boy oh boy

My litte shop of course

I figure this list will grow as I am checking out lots of suppliers for my cooking school.  Go ahead and check them out for yourself I don’t think you will be disappointed if your a foodie like me.