Yum Cha / Dim Sum Class at Bec’s Table

(Asian Dinner Party class Menu 2)

Before we get into what’s Yum Cha, Dim Sum.

I’d like to share how I learnt to put these Asian recipes together. 

I’m not sure if some of you know this but when I was doing my Patisserie training and Teaching at Chisholm, my days were filled being around international students. 

It was awesome, Continue reading “Yum Cha / Dim Sum Class at Bec’s Table”

Thermomix Butter Cakes – Learn How

Butter cake, perfect crumb
rilliant Butter cake, perfect crumb









Why is the method different for making butter cakes in your Thermomix?

A little while ago I developed a class for Thermomix consultants to explain the chemistry behind making butter cakes.  I offered this class because of what I found in Bake Club.  Continue reading “Thermomix Butter Cakes – Learn How”

Cheese Classes at Bec’s Table

One thing I love is being able to share an antipasto platter full of everything I’ve made from scratch.   My Cheese Classes make for a big part of my platters. 

You might think cheese making is too much work, but it’s not, and you can get others involved for a bit of fun.  You just have to commit.   Another thing that puts some people off is that most well-written recipes look like they’ve got lots of steps. Long pages of text can be daunting, but It’s like anything you’re new at the more written steps, the better.  After a while, you’ll understand the process, and you need a lot less instruction.  Some of the recipes I write are a little long, not difficult, just long.  Rather than assume you know a process or technique I try to fill in the dots.  I also like to add any tips that I can think of while I’m writing.   I mean why not, everyone wants to make things quicker, smarter with less cleaning up right! Hopefully, I write something that helps you too.

Another thing that puts some people off is that most well-written recipes look like they’ve got lots of steps. Long pages of text can be daunting, but It’s like anything you’re new at the more written steps, the better.  After a while, you’ll understand the process, and you need a lot less instruction.  Some of the recipes I write are a little long, not difficult, just long.  Rather than assume you know a process or technique I try to fill in the dots.  I also like to add any tips that I can think of while I’m writing.   I mean why not, everyone wants to make things quicker, smarter with less cleaning up right! Hopefully, I write something that helps you too. Continue reading “Cheese Classes at Bec’s Table”

Yeasted Sweet Doughs (Demonstration and hands on) Sweet Dough Class

Sweet Dough Class

Yeasted sweet doughs react a little differently to plain bread recipes.  Learn my bakery tips and tricks on getting them right every time. 

I’ve chosen these recipes so I can pack the most learning in one class.  Three different methods of making sweet doughs should keep you busy with a variety of recipes.

Learning techniques are the building blocks to being confident in the kitchen. Continue reading “Yeasted Sweet Doughs (Demonstration and hands on) Sweet Dough Class”

“Evening Meals” Course at Bec’s Table

Evening meals classes

What happens at Evening Meals?

Evening meals classes are intended to teach you the fundamentals of cooking along with some excellent recipes. During these demonstration classes, I’ll show you step by step, how to produce meals that your families will love.  Each class is designed to build skills in a relaxed atmosphere.  Class sizes are limited to impart the most knowledge. 

Each recipe shared will be quick and easy, perfect for your busy mid week meals.  

Learn how a chef organises, prepares and delivers food in the minimum amount of time and effort. Some of the skills we slowly build on are: Continue reading ““Evening Meals” Course at Bec’s Table”

Italian Dinner Party Class (Menu 1)

Another popular “dinner party class” designed for lovers of Italian food.

What’s on the Menu?

  • Erbazzone reggiano.  (Spinach tart with olive oil pastry.)
  • Pickled pear relish
  • Roasted Vegetable Frittata.
  • Bec’s Ciabatta. (so easy to do with my method)
  • Handmade Potato Gnocchi with Prosciutto and Parmigianino cream.
  • Italian Flavour booster (Vegetable stock)
  • Caramel Italian Cream Cake with caramel topping

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Why Cooking Classes at Bec’s Table

Why do we go to cooking classes?

I had someone say to me once “if owning a library of cookbooks made for a good cook, I’d be a celebrity chef by now” unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.  Back in the day, many years ago, the cook of the house would teach cookery by showing.  Recipes were learnt by watching, making, understanding and memorising.  Today’s cooking classes do that as well. If you learn better by watching rather than reading, then this is the way for you. Once you’ve mastered techniques, you’ll be off and running with your recipes. 

I’ve always been interested in cooking.  My Nana was the most amazing cook.  Continue reading “Why Cooking Classes at Bec’s Table”

Bake Club, how it works

Bec’s Table bake club is ½ club ½ class.

“Bake Club” was my idea to encourage people back into the kitchen, by baking real food, from scratch that tastes great at a cost that everyone can afford.  No artificial additives.

Bake Club is a social club, aimed at meeting like-minded people and building confidence in the kitchen.  Confidence is learned by understanding recipes, repetition of processes, and of course learning from others.  

When, What and How?

Bake club meets fortnightly, prepare, bake, sample, chat and share everything we’ve baked to take home to our families and friends. There are five meetings in each series.  The cost is usually $150 per term.  The fees may alter depending on what we’re doing, but you’ll be notified before you commit of course.

Daytime meetings start at 10:30 am and evening meetings at 6:30 pm.

Your fees cover all stationary, Utilities, raw materials, and consumables. The fees are spent on anything I have to put my hand in my pocket for.

I donate my time and experience for free, so please be aware that all participants are expected to clean down equipment used after each meeting.  All this helps to keep costs down so everyone can join in the fun. I organise the recipes, write session plans and handouts, do the shopping, laundry, and email the full updated recipes to your inbox at the end of each bake club fortnight. 


It’s all about sharing, learning and having fun along the way.  We encourage the participants to share recipes they love. Bringing them along to meetings or emailing them to me so we can add them to our list.  The friendships I’ve made in these meetings are priceless. 

What if?

Where meetings land on public holidays, we’ll cancel the entire week and move the sessions, so nobody misses out. I’ll do my best to make sure you’ll still have five sessions per term. (Check the calendar on our classes page to check dates for specific groups, clicking on the info button will bring up the specific meeting dates.) 

Each week we have a particular theme, where we learn new recipes and sometimes share some old ones. 

All items made are shared amongst the group to be taken home to share with your friends and families. 

Our only limit is the 2 –  2.5hr time frame, so our recipes have to be able to be completed by the end of the meeting.  No lengthy dough proving. ;-(

What to bring to Bake Club

To keep the costs down, please bring 

An apron if you wear one and of course, a large cake container to take your goodies home safely.  Don’t be shy, bring a big one.  Something big enough to fit a large cake in.  I occasionally have containers you can purchase at the school for $2 if you’re not sure.

Some optional extra’s could be a notepad if you desire, although we provide recipe handouts that you can write notes on, which I’ll add to the handouts before they’re emailed to you)

Camera, if you’d like to take home visual references, but of course most phones take amazing photo’s these days. 

Our “Bake club” idea has been very popular; we had 19 on a waiting list for our very first term.  We have three meetings once a fortnight to help prevent people missing out.   Some meetings continue to have waiting lists so if you see a spot and want to join, jump on in before you miss out.

 Here are some great photos of what we made in season 1.

Want to see if there are any spots available?  Go to our Classes page by clicking this “book now” link,  and find out when our next term starts.

This is what the ladies that come to Bake Club have this to say.

“Bake Club is always great fun, and we learn lots of tips and receive yummy recipes. Not to mention that I am the most popular mum each Monday night when I bring home all the goodies we have baked. See you all next term.”

“Thanks for another wonderful term of baking, friendship, laughter, coffee and more baking. Loved every minute.”

“I love Bake Club and will be back!! Bec you are so knowledgeable and always happy to share your tips with us.”

“For a big part of this year, I have done quite a few classes at Bec’s table as well as taking part in her Bake Club. I must say how much I have enjoyed these classes and how much I have learned. I’m feeling so much more confident around my Thermomix. Nothing is too much trouble for Bec. Every question answered every instruction helped with no matter how trivial. This woman has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is not afraid to share it.

My husband has also done many of her classes. He likes the savoury side of things so has made sausages, salami and cheese. I on the other hand like baking, so after bake club, Macarons, bulk bread, cupcake decorating, pastries and Danishes in our home something is always being made. If you are short, a Christmas gift a class at Bec’s table would be ideal. Can’t believe how excited I get every 2nd Wednesday when I get together with the loveliest women, we are loud, giggly and full of enthusiasm. We photograph our masterpieces with pride and can’t wait to get home and have a tasting with the family. So thanks Bec for instilling my confidence and pride as I go through my many handouts and say what will I make today. Roll on 2015 for more great classes. Bec you are awesome. ”



Raw Food Class at Bec’s Table

There are two Raw Food classes available now at Bec’s Table.

The first is a hands on comprehensive guide on how to introduce Raw Foods into your everyday life.  From Green Smoothies, Nut Milks, Super Quick breakkie ideas, to easy main meals and desserts.

The line-up continues with energy delivering super snacks that are super yummy too.

If you think raw sounds boring, hows this?

  • Quick and easy Raw Lasagna,
  • Asian Laksa and
  • Raw Sushi.

These recipes prove that eating raw doesn’t have to be bland, they’re certainly a treat for your taste buds.

Christine and Narelle will help you to understand the fundamentals of eating raw.  Although, how much you choose to incorporate into your daily life is up to you, they’ll guide you on how to balance and plan your meals for maximum health. 

The second in the series, is a demonstration class.  Once you understand the basics and you’ve started eating and feeling the benefits of raw, we know you’l want more amazing recipes and ideas.

So, the second class will have recipes like:

  • Breakfast Spanish nut scramble,
  • a raw version of an omelette which will send your taste buds into a frenzy.
  • Orange Burst Breakfast Bars and
  • a great breakfast idea for brekkie on the run. 

We’ll explore snacks such as

  • Cheesy Kale Chips,
  • Dips and appropriate accompaniments.
  • Sweet snacks such will include Gingernut Cookies,
  • Lemon Slice and
  • quick take anywhere energy snacks. 

On to mains that are quick and easy to make,

  • Raw soups,
  • Raw Tabouli and  much more.  

Along the way we cover many interesting ways to make “Raw” work into your daily life, covering meal planning, creating balanced raw meals and keeping your family happy, whilst giving them more healthy options each day. 

So come along enter a world of fantastic tastes, textures and ideas

Click on the links below to see what it’s all about.  The links will take you to our booking page where you can click on the “info” button and find out more.

 Class One

 book now

Class two

book now

IMG_5375 IMG_5381 IMG_5382 IMG_5393 IMG_5401 IMG_5407 Raw Zuccini spaghetti raw food class

Quick spice for evening meals

My quick spice blends will change the boring evening meal, into something everyone will love.

Quick easy ways to add flavour to your evening meals, without food additives.

We’ve all done it, got home from a busy day and now need to put a meal on the table. One that the family will enjoy.  Sauce mixes, bottled flavours or some sort of flavour that your butcher has pre smeared on your meat.   Yep, those are the ones.  What’s in them????

The lovely Janine Babauskis’s asked me before Christmas last year, to develop a class that I could run at Thermomix’s headquarters in Melbourne.  Unfortunately, with her no longer working for Thermomix, that’s not going to happen.

Well, I’ve done all the recipe development and have been using these pantry “get of jail cards” for so long, I think it’s about time I ran the class anyway.

What are they? 

They’re jars of powdered spices and dried foods that I’ve brought together to enhance your meat and veg in a flash.   My family thinks meat and 3 veg on a plate too many nights in a row are boring, what about yours?  Why not add these clever little sprinkles and make them happy without any fuss. They can be as mild or as hot as you like, with just a flick of the wrist.  We love them.

Here are some I use a lot

  • Laksa spice
  • Penang spice
  • Tandoori mix
  • Taco mix
  • Ras el hanout
  • Smoky Spice Blend
  • Sweet spice

I have developed so many of these, they’re so handy at meal times.  The hardest part is trying to work out which to put in the class.

All these can be made in a food processor or Thermomix, sealed in a jar and will last for months.

When you get home for dinner and you don’t have much time these will make your job simple.

We call this class “Fragrant Spice” Want to see if there’s a class coming up?