Cake Decorating stock and more

I am so excited to offer you these great new products.  I am trying to move away from items that you can get all over the place and focus on what we really use in classes.  I know its a shame, cause I love the tasting platters and the like but I can only fit so much in my little cooking school.

So, I have just recieved a new delivery of Callebaut.  Wont stop getting that.  Its what I use and now, I have some customers that pop in monthly to re stock.

I have a range of food colourings natural and non natural.  Airbrush colours too.  The prices start at $3.95 for airbrush and paste colours so there is great value there.

I have isomalt for those that have been to my “A little bit Chefie at home” class. this is so cheap $5 for 450g.  I couldnt get this at this price a couple of years ago.  It would have been around $15 for the same quantity.





A couple of weeks ago I was making a cake that needed some little stars.  I tried to make them by hand but they were looking a bit ordinary, so I decided to get in the car and go get a set of cutters.  Well they were made of metal, but they cost me over $20, these are plastic but only $3.50.  dam wish they had arrived sooner.

Little stars

I have adde below pictures of some of the other new items.  If you double click on them you should get a close up.

So exciting heheheeeee





Love to hear from you!