Bec’s Chicken and Prawn Spring roll

IMG_4730 (Custom) IMG_4731 (Custom) IMG_4732 (Custom) IMG_4733 (Custom) IMG_4735 (Custom)I chopped everything by hand for this recipe.  I have actually learned to  like chopping, when I have the time, but you could just blitz everything in batches then mix together.


What went in them.

1  Vermicelli noodles (Soak these for at least an hour in cold water then cut them into small lengths around 2 – 3 cm and drain very well)

1 handful of green prawns peeled and deveined and chopped into very small bits

1  full Maryland chicken fillet no skin tendons removed and chopped into very small bits

1 whole carrot grated

1 Cup of very finely shredded wombok or cabbage of some sort.

1 Hand full of coriander chopped fine

1 spring onion chopped fine

1 onion chopped very fine

1 – 2 tsp of grated palm sugar

pinch of pepper

Splash of Soy Sauce

What went on the outside of them

1 pack of spring wrappers

1 heaped tsp rice flour, tapioca or corn flour mixed with a little water to use as glue

What I did

1 Mix everything together into a bowl except wrappers and flour, till very well combined.

2 Using my photo’s as a guide do not over fill.

3 Get your oil hot. You can test with a piece of wrapper. When you drop the wrapper in the oil it will fizz and bubble like crazy when ready. I used a deep, frypan and did about 12 at a time. Easy

4 Take one wrapper and set down in front of you, showing a diamond rather than a square.

5 Add a small amount of mix closest to you, then roll into the centre

6 Tuck in the sides and paint a little glue (flour/water mix) on the tip of the diamond and continue to roll.

Voila. For those who know me personally I am trying to learn French.  Gosh that is one of the words I remember.  Dam I know that before the lessons. 😉

Love to hear from you!