Bec’s Arancini balls

This is a great recipe for left overs, which we seem to have a lot of at the moment.  We have some bits and pieces left from Christmas that I want to use up and last night I cooked risotto but I didn’t know the kids had already eaten. L So, what do you do with left over risotto? Bits of left over cheese from Christmas?  And yesterday’s bread? 
Well here is what I do.  Turn them into sort of an arancini baked balls.   I bake these little babies to cut down on the oil, this makes them healthier for you and me.  Heheheee
Ok firstly you need some left over risotto.  If you don’t have any and you want to make this dish just make the mushroom risotto from your everyday cook book and cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Ingredients these are approximate quantities as it depends on how much risotto you have left over to how much of the rest of the ingredients you need to use.  I have taken lots of pictures so it will help you decide on quantities.
Approx. 4 cups Risotto makes about 15 balls
Hand full of herbs (parsley, oregano, sage even spinach.) chop and set aside
½ Parmesan cheese (grate in your TM and set aside)
1 egg
2 cups Left over bread or bread crumbs (make the breadcrumbs in your TM and set aside)
Left over bits of cheese that needs to be eaten up
Prosciutto, ham or cooked bacon
Olive oil spray
Place into one bowl, Risotto, Herbs, Parmesan cheese, a  hand full of bread crumbs and the egg and mix together.  Leave it for a couple of minutes to absorb the moisture a bit.
In the meantime. Grate your prosciutto or ham in the TM on high speed and set aside.
Grate or mush your cheeses in the TM (mush will happen if you have very soft cheese but that’s ok) and mix the prosciutto back in ready for the filling.
Now you can grab a small handful of risotto mix and make a ball, press a dint in it with your thumb to create a pocket. 
Take about a tablespoon of your cheese/prosciutto mix and pop it in the hole, then gently close up the space making a ball.
Drop the ball in the breadcrumbs.  No need for egg wash here the mix is sticky enough for the breadcrumbs to adhere.
Pop them on a non-stick baking sheet or line baking sheet and spray the tops with a little olive oil spray. 
Repeat this process till you have made all your balls then cook in a moderate/high oven till golden brown.
While these are baking off till golden brown and seeming your TM is already dirty why not make a simple sauce
Simple Sauce
1 small brown onion or shallot peeled and ¼ d
1 clove garlic peeled
2 large or 3 roma tomatoes
20 ml olive oil
Place garlic and onion in the TM bowl and chop on speed 8 for 3 seconds scrape down the sides and
Add the oil and sauté for 2 mins on 100c
Add the tomatoes and cook on 100 for 4 mins
Place the MC in position and chop on speed 7 for 3 second
Cook a further 3 mins on speed 100 MC off.
Pour this flavourful simple sauce over the arancini balls for a yummy clear up those left over dinner.
 If these instructions are not clear enough email or message me and I will send you the full recipe and photos.

Author: Bec


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