Autumn 2013

Autumn’s the favourite season at my place.

I think it’s all about the produce and what we can make of it, and possibly that we have tried to be good all summer and now it’s time for a few of life’s little luxury items.

At the beginning of autumn we have the last of the summer fruit, ripe and plump to use in pies, crumbles and poached deserts.    Just watch out for what Mr Supermarket tries to sell you though.  Some of this stuff has been in cold storage a little too long. Hubby sliced into a perfect looking peach the other day only to find it was all brown and nasty inside.  The worst of it he had bought 6 of em.  Sheesh.

Then by the time we are at the end of Autumn we are starting to get into the best of the,  oranges, grapefruits, brussels sprouts, fennel, potatoes, silverbeet and spinach.  Thinking of produce makes so many dishes come to mind.

So what’s in season for us in Melbourne in autumn?

I love the SBS Food site.  It tells us what is in season, monthly rather than the whole season.  You know at the beginning of one season there are left overs still coming through from the last so this makes a great guide if you want to have local and fresh.

Oh and there are recipes too.

Follow this link.

SBS Food





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