Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits

Whatever you want to call them Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits these are delicious.  It’s hard to remember all the recipes we make at Bake Club; recently I was reminded of these. Over three years now and 40 recipes per term, that’s a whole lot of baking.  I’m not good with math, but Continue reading “Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits”

Woolworths Cake for Casey Central

One of my lovely students asked me to post a photo of the cake I made recently for our new Woolworths store. 

Cake for Woolworths 

Some of you may know I made one for Coles previously and Woolworths asked me to make something for them too.  Such an honour to be part of their opening. 😉   Continue reading “Woolworths Cake for Casey Central”

Pan Release, What’s That?

I know it seems like such a pain when a recipe calls for preparing or lining your cake tin.  There are so many ways to do it.  Some methods are quite precise, although as you know if there’s a quick, easy way to do something I’m up for it. I often use Pan Release. Continue reading “Pan Release, What’s That?”

What Happened At Our First Food Swap Event at Bec’s Table

Well, what happened at our first food swap?  

Some of you have been asking about our food swap event, so here it is.  It was brilliant.  

Those involved not only shared their yummy treats but shared the recipes too.  We all handed in a selection of items you’d pay around $5 for at a Farmers Market.  How this worked was fun.  I made up some monopoly type money (Bec’s Table Bucks) and gave a $5 Bec’s Buck for every item brought.   Continue reading “What Happened At Our First Food Swap Event at Bec’s Table”

Why Do My Cookies Spread? Recipe fixes

Cookies or biscuit’s that have common problems.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but Baking truly is a science.  That’s why I get more questions for Baked Goods than any other.  

Spreading cookies would have to be one of the most FAQ in Bake Club.  I thought I’d share my answers here just in case you’re having problems too.   Continue reading “Why Do My Cookies Spread? Recipe fixes”

Tiramisu Cake Recipe

We made this amazing Tiramisu Cake at our, Amazing Cake, Bake Club Meeting, last term.  I loved it, so I’m sharing it. 

Yes, Tiramisu Cake, rather than a pudding.  A little more elegant don’t you think?

We got the recipe from a cookbook called “The Italian Baker” by Melissa Forti. There’re quite a few good recipes in this one, great addition to any cookbook library.  Continue reading “Tiramisu Cake Recipe”

Amazing Cakes from Bec’s Table Bake Club

Last term in Bake Club, we made these Amazing Cakes. I thought I’d throw out a bit of a challenge, and the girls loved it. Phew.  I’m so proud how these cakes turned out.  Some were a huge challenge, but even after a bit of cussing, we all deemed them to be brilliant.  Continue reading “Amazing Cakes from Bec’s Table Bake Club”