3 Birthdays on the same day at our house.

Happy Birthday Shanice.  She loved the movie Ratatouille so I just had to make her this little chef rat stealing some cheese.  The cake is marbled inside so when she cuts it, it will look like blue vein cheese.  I will add some photo’s when we cut it up.  (hope I remember)

5 Responses to 3 Birthdays on the same day at our house.

  1. Noreez says:

    Hello Bec.
    One of my client saw a photo of this cake and ask me to make the same design for her sister’s birthday.
    I’d like to ask for permission to re-create the same design.
    I can honestly say that it’d be so much diifferent from yours as I’m just an amateur baker.

    All the way from Malaysia.

    • Bec says:

      Of course you can. He is cute isn’t he. I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job.


      • Noreez says:

        Thank you.. thank you!
        He is sooo cute.
        I hope so too that i’ll do a wonderful job.
        Thank you again.


  2. siani says:

    its so amazing. you are very talented

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