3 Birthdays on the same day at our house.

Happy Birthday Shanice.  She loved the movie Ratatouille so I just had to make her this little chef rat stealing some cheese.  The cake is marbled inside so when she cuts it, it will look like blue vein cheese.  I will add some photo’s when we cut it up.  (hope I remember)

Author: Bec


7 thoughts on “3 Birthdays on the same day at our house.”

  1. Hello Bec.
    One of my client saw a photo of this cake and ask me to make the same design for her sister’s birthday.
    I’d like to ask for permission to re-create the same design.
    I can honestly say that it’d be so much diifferent from yours as I’m just an amateur baker.

    All the way from Malaysia.

      1. Thank you.. thank you!
        He is sooo cute.
        I hope so too that i’ll do a wonderful job.
        Thank you again.


    1. Hi Maranca,

      I was silly and didn’t take any, but I poured 1/2 the cake batter into the prepared tin, then I swirled a little green and blue mixed batter with a piping nozzle, so it looked like thin ribbons of colour. After that, I used a skewer and pulled it through a little (not too much) to make the blue cheese effect. Then I poured the remainder of the batter on top in dollops and baked. It was a fun cake to make.

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