Eggs – Storage

Yesterday I was on a site where I was answering some questions on information that I have some training on.  I came across this one about eggs.  Here’s what the subscriber wrote;

“I put an egg on the counter to come to room temp so that I could try making the mayo. However, it was a few hours later before I could get around to actually making the mayo. By a few hours, I mean 9 hours. 🙁 These are your average grocery store eggs… is that too long, should I toss the egg? Thanks!” Continue reading “Eggs – Storage”

Bec’s Pantry Staples

Here’s an example of the pantry staples or food I try to keep on hand. The photo is of my cooking school pantry, and there are more things here than I’d keep in my home.   You may notice there are rows of flour, sugar and the like.  That’s so no one has to wait in line when they’re making their recipes.    

Here’s a list of what I keep on hand so I can be creative and whip up meals fast. Continue reading “Bec’s Pantry Staples”

Taco Taters (Baked Potatoes, perfect for Winter mid week meals)


I have to say we’re spud eaters at our place.  They’re perfect for winter comfort food.  I know there’s a lot of talk about them having CARBS!!! eeek.   But I can’t help myself when they delight everyone I feed.   And anyway, I can think of a lot worse to eat than the humble spud.   Continue reading “Taco Taters (Baked Potatoes, perfect for Winter mid week meals)”

Salted Caramel Coconut Topping (For Bec’s Brownies)

This is one yummy topping for brownies or a myriad of other sweet treats. I call it Salted Caramel Coconut Topping, last “Open Day” (2016) I used this topping over my Brownie Recipe, and the crowd went wild.  Actually, they didn’t, but I did get quite a few people telling me it was absolutely delicious.   We made it in Bake Club this week, and I had a similar response so I thought I’d share it with you.  Continue reading “Salted Caramel Coconut Topping (For Bec’s Brownies)”

Granola Grownups Cookies

I’m sure some of you will have made a recipe from a book, magazine or found one online and after working away at it found it didn’t quite work out how the picture looked.

I think It’s awful that this happens.  It puts people off cooking or baking and makes them think they’ve done something wrong.  I suppose that’s why there are so many recipe books etc. out there. We’re all searching for those truly amazing recipes that work.

Warning, rant coming up

Continue reading “Granola Grownups Cookies”

A Bit More Than Bake Club

You must be wondering why you haven’t been seeing our usual photo’s on our Facebook pages for a while. Well, it’s because we’ve been doing things a little differently at Bake Club this term.

Because most of the girls have been coming for around 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity to notice techniques that cause them problems. So this term we dealt with them. Continue reading “A Bit More Than Bake Club”