Granola Grownups Cookies

I’m sure some of you will have made a recipe from a book, magazine or found one online and after working away at it found it didn’t quite work out how the picture looked.

I think It’s awful that this happens.  It puts people off cooking or baking and makes them think they’ve done something wrong.  I suppose that’s why there are so many recipe books etc. out there. We’re all searching for those truly amazing recipes that work.

Warning, rant coming up

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A Bit More Than Bake Club

You must be wondering why you haven’t been seeing our usual photo’s on our Facebook pages for a while. Well, it’s because we’ve been doing things a little differently at Bake Club this term.

Because most of the girls have been coming for around 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity to notice techniques that cause them problems. So this term we dealt with them. Continue reading “A Bit More Than Bake Club”

Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits

Whatever you want to call them Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits these are delicious.  It’s hard to remember all the recipes we make at Bake Club; recently I was reminded of these. Over three years now and 40 recipes per term, that’s a whole lot of baking.  I’m not good with math, but Continue reading “Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits”

Woolworths Cake for Casey Central

One of my lovely students asked me to post a photo of the cake I made recently for our new Woolworths store. 

Cake for Woolworths 

Some of you may know I made one for Coles previously and Woolworths asked me to make something for them too.  Such an honour to be part of their opening. 😉   Continue reading “Woolworths Cake for Casey Central”

Pan Release, What’s That?

I know it seems like such a pain when a recipe calls for preparing or lining your cake tin.  There are so many ways to do it.  Some methods are quite precise, although as you know if there’s a quick, easy way to do something I’m up for it. I often use Pan Release. Continue reading “Pan Release, What’s That?”